Scholium Project

Wines of the 2005 vintage

Sarah adkins at glos, winter 2006

In 2005, Christopher Vandendreissche encouraged, nearly mandated, me to get an intern to help me. Through a dear friend from St. John’s, I met Sarah Adkins, who helped to determine everything about the present nature of the Project, from the foundations to the particular wines to our daily habits. For the first time, there was a team, working together day by day.

2005 Tenbrink Vineyards Babylon

2005 McDowell Vineyards Glos

2005 Hudson Vineyards Iseult

2005 Lost Slough Vineyard Naucratis

2005 Lost Slough Vineyard Gemella

2005 Farina Vineyard Cena Trimalchionis

2005 Farina Vineyard La Severitè Di Bruto

2005 Guman Vineyard Nereides