Scholium Project

It is an amazing time. We have established a new home, in a certain sense our first, on the edge of the Los Angeles River.

We have been nomads for so long—winemakers working within others' walls; Scythians on trackless steppes, with our world on our backs.

Now, we have our own abode—but not in the country, not in the midst of vines. In a corrugated steel cathedral, in the historic grape-growing and winemaking district of a great city. A return, and an amazing new beginning.

A rebirth in the city. And a new collaborator will join us: a fellow Scythian, ready to explore the little-known viticultural landscape of Southern California. Raj Parr—we will persist each in our own projects and join forces to make new utterly new wines together, under this very special roof.

Come visit us; see what we do. The tasting room will be open this Fall, once the permits come through. But you may reach out to us and schedule a tour; get here at the beginning.

We will make our space a special home for our friends and supporters. Tastings will all be by appointment; many special activities will be offered: lectures, symposia, guest chefs hosting small dinners. To gain entrance to these events, you must be a member of the winery.