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It is an amazing time. We have established a new home, in a certain sense our first, on the edge of the Los Angeles River.
We are have been nomads for so long-- winemakers working within others' walls; Scythians on trackless steppes, with our world on backs.
Now, we have our own abode-- but not in the country, not in the midst of vines. In a corrugated steel cathedral, in the historic grape-growing and winemaking district of a great city. A return, and an amazing new beginning.

A rebirth in the city. And a new collaborator will join us: a fellow Scythian, ready to explore the little-known viticultural landscape of Southern California. Raj Parr-- we will persist each in our own projects and join forces to make new utterly new wines together, under this very special roof.

Come visit us; see what we do. The tasting room will be open this Fall, once the permits come through. But you may reach out to us and schedule a tour; get here at the beginning.

We will make our space a special home for our friends and supporters. Tastings will all be by appointment; many special activities will be offered: lectures, symposia, guest chefs hosting small dinners. To gain entrance to these events, you must be a member of the winery. You may learn more about this and become a part, go here.