Scholium Project

Our history

In 1998, I took a sabbatical from St. John's College, where I had been teaching for nine years, and began an intership at Stag's Leap Wine Cellars.

While I was there, I met John Kongsgaard, whose son and daughter were both on the verge of college and interested in St. John's. I had no intention of ever even learning how to make wine, but John seemed to have a wisdom between Socrates' and Merlin's, and it was hard not want to want to become his student. Even at this point, making wine was not on my mind. I wanted to learn about growing grapes, and making picking decisions. What happened after that would be in someone else's hands.

At Luna: Kelly Wheat, Michael Mcdermott, abe, and a fair amount of 2001 syrah on the ground

I made my first wines at Luna Vineyards under John. Nothing expected transpired after that point. I continue the story here.