Scholium Project

Tenbrinks build a winery

Chad Tenbrink, taming a barrel on the first day they are under their new roof.
carrie and linda on a quiet day

Steve and Linda Tenbrink had been an essential part of the Scholium Project since they first gave me the beautiful grapes for the 2003 Babylon. In the early spring of 2006, with extraordinary daring and imagination, they proposed building a winery for the project in Suisun. That suggestion was the origin of our move to Wooden Valley; it came to fruition with our move 5 miles away to the Tenbrink's new winery, completed in September 2007. Just in time for harvest.

The move marked the beginning of another wonderful year; most wonderful, even more than the new home, was the partnership with Carrie Sumner, who carried me and the Project through a first year in its new winery.

And here is the next step.