Scholium Project

2006 SFDC Riserva Rocky Hill Vineyards

the father of this little project—George Vare, who first brought me to Collio and San Floriano

This wine is crazy. It has lived in a 30 gallon wooden barrel for about 3 years. It has never been topped. It received its first and only so2 addtion in may of 2008; it says so on the side of the barrel. We did not even open if for more than a year; somewhere between trust and oblivion on our part. But never indifference.

The wine is the second half of an experiment that we began in 2006. Its origins are spelled out here. It has rested in this unmolested and unimproved state for so long while we have waited for its tannins to calm and knit together. While we have waited, its original mahogany color—oh, did we not mention that this is s skin-fermented pinot grigio, and that it was cherry red when it went to barrel in 2006?—have somehow become more red, and less orange? It still shows great signs of age—like a very mature and somewhat light burgundy—but it hs no appearance of being tired. It is still vibrant, even challenging to the eye.

And also to the nose and palate. It has distinct notes of sherry or perhaps even madeira. When served too warm, it shows some acetone. It is not normal for wine. But it is assuredly not spoiled. It is mature and uncompromised. Slightly sweet from its sublated fruit, mature tannins, and high alcohol. It has almost no notes of earth or mushroom and so is atypical of the Pinot family in this respect—all dried roses, cedar chips, the memory of cherry skins.

About 12 cases produced.