Scholium Project

2010 Midan al-Tahri

fully ripe, tiny verdelho berries from Vista Luna

This is our second vintage of a blended white wine. The first sold out with spectacular success. It was based on a series of experiments, and so was hard to reproduce. But why should reproduction be our aim? Full of admiration for the 2009, we put together a new blend this year, with much more Chardonnay—some of it quite high in acid, to make up for the loss of Sauvignon from the blend. The fruit is nearly half from Markus Bokisch’s remarkable hillside Verdelho vineyard in the eastern reaches of Lodi. The next highest fraction is Chardonnay; some from Tenbrink, some from Matthiasson. As before, Gwwurz plays a role—with a large proportion skin-fermented. The final wine is lighter and less musky than the 2009, but no less rich and exotic. The nearest point of gustatory comparison is the Northern Rhone—it is very much like a St. Joseph blanc—or perhaps like a soft Cotes de Jura.

547 cases produced