Scholium Project

2010 Michael Faraday Matthiasson Family Vineyard

walking through the rocky rows

This was our second vintage from Steve’s incredibly stony vineyard. The wine went in a different direction this year; one that shows off the special nature of the vineyard more readily and obviously than the 2009 did. That wine was beautfiul and powerful, but vaguely subtle by comparison. Subtle nearly to the point of being indistinct—not clearly from this vineyard. The 2010 speaks more clearly and forcefully. Not that one could claim that it somehow names this young vineyard in a direct and unambiguous way—no. But it what it does present is great specificity, even if one cannot identify its source. The wine is highly mineral, and shows brassy Selossian oxidation. It is more in line with Sylphs, less fresh, less direct. Only the Sylphs supports surface yeast; this wine had a complex microbial elevage, but no signs of the large colonies surface yeast that mark the Sylphs.

104 cases produced