Scholium Project

2009 Riquewihr Lost Slough Vineyard

at the wine shoppe in miami. Ozzy and colleague with a very serious tool for assessing white wines. riq is available chilled in the cooler. don't miss the coffee

For the first time, we varied our way of dealing with the Lost Slough Gewurztraminer, and experimented with crushing to press, barrel fermentations, and even skin fermentations. The results are are still out on the skin fermentation, but we have used almost all of the Riq that we made from juice this year, whether in stainless tank or wooden barrel. We are very happy with the intensity and minerality of the result. In fact, it is hard to draw distinctions between this vintage and the previous one, in spite of the wide differences in methods of productions. There is something in the nature of the Gewurz that trumps almost any methods.

291 cases produced.