Scholium Project

2008 The Prince in his Caves Farina Vineyard

the prince tank at the end of draining, before digging
jojo near the completion of digging the prince tank

This is the second vintage that we have produced in the beautiful wooden fermenters at Tenbrink. The fruit came in particularly rich this year and so we bled less than we usally do. The fermentation was also nice and slow and cool.—the 2007 was fast and hot and almost out of control.

We find this wine less high in acid than the 06 with very sweet, well-knit tannins. It is somewhat softer—though no less intense—than the 2007. And—it is not as cloudy. Or, to be precise, it is quite nebulous, not the least clear; but it does NOT have the color and clarity of apple cider or wheat beer. Some of the Prince’s adherents will miss these characteristics.

154 cases bottled