Scholium Project

2007 Bricco Babelico Tenbrink vineyards

the horizon seen from the pump over platform, at midnight

Petite Sirah from Tenbrink that mutates under the Bricco regime. The same fruit that can make Babylon over-ripe, juicy, seductive in its power and richness at once—the same fruit becomes austere, nearly stern, as it changes into Bricco. The change occurs after the second year in barrel and during the rest of the third year: all fruit turns into tar, smoke, leather, at its juiciest, a stock made with dried mushrooms. Dried—nothing fresh is left. As it makes this turn, the wine becomes more European, if one may say so, and develops a nose that reminds one of Nebbiolo perhaps, the driest and most reserved of Amarones. Perhaps this language is inaccurate: does the time in barrel change the wine, allow it go in a new direction—or simply reveal and bring to the surface what always lay beneath or within the fruit?

195 cases produced