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2010 the wisdom of theuth

Lost Slough Vineyard

wisdom shared

In the winery, we called this "Super Naucratis." We have been able to purchase less and less fruit from Lost Slough the last two years; in 2010 Chuck Harrison somehow hid five tons of Verdelho for us, and we are so grateful. This was our best year for this vineyard ever, with fruit of greater intensity and density than ever before. For this reason, we tank-fermented much of the juice, as always, but for the first time ever, we barrel-fermented some, in the mode of LSB. We have made a wine of the same freshness and directness as ever, but with more power and intensity. For one year, we might miss a light wine from our portfolio, but we are very grateful for the serious cousin of LSB, emanating from the Delta. We named the wine after an important character in Plato's Phaedrus, an Egyptian god who lived in Naucratis and brought writing (and games of chance) to the world.