Scholium Project

2001 Syrah, defunct Hudson Vineyards

I harvested really good syrah from some new plantings at Lee Hudson’s Henry Road ranch. John and I borrowed two beautiful 2-ton redwood fermenters from Don Van Staaveren, then at Artesa. Michael Mcdermott and I did most of the work on the wine, punching it down once or twice a day, barreling down.

It died during the 3-year period I was saving money to bottle it. I was experimenting already with no-sulfur and no topping, and the wine could not take it for the three years I had demanded of it. If I had begun topping the wine, and perhaps sulfuring it, during the spring of 2003, we might be drinking it now.

The tank arrives on a hudson farm truck
Learning from John. Note that this fermentation got a little hot.
Christopher with the empty tank prepared for draining
Digging the tank with Michael