records the library of wines
We are small. Our hands, our feet, our minds are in the wine. We make wine from vineyards that are distinguished sometimes by being ignored. Our wine often does not resemble other wines, but we are not renegades. We are students. Our projects are not always experiments-- sometimes we know what we are doing-- but they are always acts of emulation, looking up at the work of others we admire.

Thus, "scholium," from the Greek <<scholion>>, which shares the same root as "school, scholarship." It signifies a modest project, not a preeminent one, undertaken for the sake of learning, understanding– hence a commentary, an essay, a study.

But no matter how much we learn, no matter how interesting our studies, if the wines do not bring pleasure, they are worthless.

It's harvest. The axis and foundation of our lives. We luxuriated in weeks of cool weather, after an early season of drought-induced ripening. Then came a furious rush-- 12 weeks' worth of work in four. Fruit perfectly ripe, and early. Some white wines are dry already; 1MN is in barrel and makes our hearts thump when we think about it. We have bottled wine; we are shipping it. Now is the time of the yeasts. We wait on them, their breathless attendants.

  ashleigh and alex leafing