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who we are

brenna and alex harvesting pergamos
alex and brenna harvesting Pergamos merlot at Van der Kous

I am the winemkaker.
For a long time, I did everything by myself, but then I realized that I needed the help of brilliant friends to succeed. I still do much alone, especially in the realm furthest from the winery and vineyards.

But now-- whether it is in pruning Guman or doing midnight punchdowns on the Chuy Cab, I am assisted at every turn, in every aspect of the endeavor, by dear friends and colleagues, and by generations of fascinating interns. I depend utterly on these friends and colleagues. Alex and Brenna and I have worked together for two harvests. We are a team, and I now make much better wine than I did alone. It is wonderful.

My friend Niko did a really great video that helps the capture what we are doing, both in principle and in action. You may see it here.