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the wooden valley year

Steve Tenbrink forking grapes into a chute built by Chick Lanza for our grapes and destemmer

Jason Berthold shared the cellar and much of the work of harvest wtih me. Here he is with his 06 syrah.

I had lived and worked in Napa since the beginning of my winemaking, but from the first time that I had ventured to Suisun Valley to look at a vineyard, I sensed that the Scholium Project belonged there. In 2006, we finally got there. Sarah and I moved the barrels, and Steve Tenbrink became intimately involved in the winemaking. Jason Berthold made the move with us and began his own winemaking. It was a wonderful year-- most of all the infinite patience of the Wooden Valley winemaker and co-owner, RicK Lanza. I learned more from him about working well, with patience and calm and dilligence, than I had from any other mentor.

I tell the story of how we got there here. See the notes below for more documents from that year.

And here is the next step.